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Summary of the Documentary "Happy, the science of happiness" by Roko Belic

Summary of tSummary of the documentary "Happy, the science of happiness" by Roko Belic, Goodie Mood bloghe Documentary "Happy" by Roko Belic

I decided to have a different approach today and not summarize a book but an interesting documentary I saw on Netflix. It’s “Happy”, a film written, directed and co-produced by Roko Belic and which has won 7 awards.

What is happiness?

By studying people’s “Happiness level” around the world, researchers have identified that happy people lived better: they are more productive, in better health and live longer.

This beautiful documentary jumps from scientific research conclusions to funny, sometimes emotional testimonials of people from 14 countries (Denmark, Namibia, Scotland, Japan, Bhutan …) dubbed with comments by experts in positive psychology such as Daniel Gilbert or the buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard.

Summary of the documentary “Happy, the science of happiness” by Roko Belic

What this documentary brought me

So much joy! This documentary is like a shot of vitamin C ☀️

The testimonials from all over the world could potentially be a second documentary on its own as they are so inspiring. Like this former beauty pageant queen who got disfigured by her sister in law and after many years, confessed that she has never felt happier... Or like this former German banker who got rid of the suit and tie to support dying patients in one of Mother Teresa’s hospices in India.

All these beautiful encounters make us step back and put in perspective our daily complaints.

The section on meditation just blew my mind: we learn that some portions of our brain are activated and get transformed only after two weeks of meditation on compassion.

I hope this summary will boost your happy side!

Take care! 🫀



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Summary of the documentary "Happy, the science of happiness" by Roko Belic, Goodie Mood blog


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