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My Super Recipe of Green Juice

Since 2020, it must be said that I did not move my butt an awful lot, and that I have used the state of the world as an excuse to stuff myself with my favorite biscuits – Oréo, Milano and milk chocolate Gavotte 🍫 – all dipped in a good coffee with a spoonful of maple syrup...

Result: my skin, my belly and my hormones are crying for help!

As every time I want to rest my digestive system and spoil my body with beautiful vitamins and minerals, I take out my trusty, beloved juice extractor. It remains valiant and shreds everything I slide under its lid. After one green juice a day for a week, everything is back on track and my mood is bubbly again.

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My healthy recipe of green juice 🌿

My super recipe of green juice 🌿

Rinse each ingredient listed below. Peel the cucumber and lemon. In a juicer/juice extractor, grind each ingredient.

🫚 If you like the taste of ginger, you can add a very small piece, but be careful: a tiny piece gives a lot (A LOT!!) of taste...

My super and healthy recipe of green juice full of vitamins: celery, spinach, apples, lemon, parsley and cucumber
My super recipe of green juice full of vitamins

  • 3 stalks of celery 🦖

  • 1 cucumber (without the skin) 🥒

  • 3 handfuls of spinach 🍃

  • 2 green apples 🍏

  • 1 peeled lemon 🍋

  • 1 handful of parsley 🌱

I hope you'll enjoy this yummy and healthy green juice!

Take care of yourself, eat your greens and have a great day! 🍏

Élodie 🌱


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