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Free Barbie Habit Tracker (PDF)

Barbie, illustration, habit tracker, printable, organization, bullet journal, graphic design, cute, goodie mood, Free Barbie Habit Tracker (PDF)

I hope you guys are having the best weekend ! 🛼

I recently seen the Barbie movie and I absolutely 🖤 loved it 🖤 : the decor, the music, the cast... Everything was top notch and it just made me want to color everything in pink.

I found it very fun and surprisingly moving. People clapped during America Ferrara's monologue, I had wet eyes when Barbie met Ruth Handler and Billie Eilish's song started to play in the background.

Viewers were amazed by Ryan Gosling's dancing talents and I still have Matchbox Twenty's "Push" in my head. A refreshing movie that just felt to add a bit of joy to the summer...

Here! A Barbie habit tracker to download and print for free!

I had great fun to illustrate this printable and I hope it will help you keep your good habits and stay organized ✔

Barbie, habit tracker, printable, illustration, cute, organization, tracker, bullet journal, list
🫀This illustrated PDF is for personal use only. For the love of God, don't make money out of it.

A few ideas of good daily habits to adopt

  • 10 min meditation

  • Write 3 morning pages 📓

  • Walk 10,000 steps

  • Drink

  • Floss

  • 30 min yoga session

  • 0 alcool

  • Read 10 pages

  • Stretch

  • Cold shower 🥶

  • Sleep by 11 PM

  • 0 mail in inbox

  • Clean for 10 min

  • Eat 5 veggies 🥦

  • Make bed

  • Prepare meals

  • Draw...


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