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Goodie Mood, a feel good blog about creativity and well being by Elodie Ascenci
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Find my cute illustrated gifs on Giphy and Instagram!

Graphic designer Goodie Mood created a series of cute illustrated gifs on Giphy about magic, tarot and ornements

Last winter, I finally took the time to create a series of illustrated gifs on Giphy, representing magic, tarot, crystals... Well, everything that I like and share regularly on my Instagram page.

I am very happy with the result and I will now be able to display my lil' designs in stories, in reels, in Tik Tok... And you can too! Just search for “Goodie Mood” in the gif search bar on Insta or in Giphy to find me!

Don't forget to put a space between Goodie and Mood in the search bar! Goodie Mood (and not Goodiemood all attached), otherwise you will only have access to a small selection of gifs…

I placed my gifs forward (in “highlight”) on Instagram so that they are not forgotten (given the time I spent there, that would be a bummer) 💜

Find Goodie Mood's cute illustrated gifs on Instagram, and Giphy!

I hope you will use my gifs to add a bit of magic to your stories and your exchanges on social media!

Have a lovely week-end! 🌴


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